Program Overview

Let’s face it – paying for unexpected repairs can be a hassle and costly. To ease the inconvenience for our customers, Berjaya Sompo Insurance together with TheLorry and MyOpal Services have partnered to launch TheLorry Vehicle Warranty policy that will cover all costs of repairs and replacement of valid parts on your behalf. Reinsured by one of the world’s leading reinsurer (with S&P Rating of AA-), this policy is available to all of TheLorry’s valued logistic partners – whether you own a lorry, truck, van or Hilux, we’ve got you covered.

The objective of this collaboration is to further enhance the needs for this market of vehicles with value added services. With this unique collaboration, business partners of The Lorry can be assured that their vehicles are in good hands and looked after and therefore, making the logistics supply chain more efficient.

Coinciding with the trend and into the digital era, business partners of The Lorry can not only sign up for the coverage programs on The Lorry’s portal and mobile app, but also via MyOpal Services one-stop solution portal which also includes bookings of service and repair appointments via Jom MyServis.

Click here to download the e Brochure.

Product Overview

Less than 8 years/
250,000 km

Engine & Transmission

One year / 30,000 km;
whichever is earlier

Must be serviced by
MyOpal Authorized
service centers

14 days

RM 10,000 per claim limit with an annual claim of RM 30,000

Successful re-inspection conducted by MyOpal prior to acceptance

Our partnership with The Lorry



    1. What is the warranty program about?
      It is a program which covers your mechanical or electrical breakdown for your engine and gearbox
    2. Does it cover my brake pads, battery and tyres?
      No, it does not. This program does not cover any wear and tear parts, or due to normal deterioration and negligence.
    3. Is the service free during the warranty period?
      No, the normal service is not free under the warranty period
    4. Does my vehicle qualify for this warranty program?
      As long as your vehicle is below 8 years (from year of manufacture) and less than 250,000km mileage. In addition, your vehicle will have to pass our MyOpal Prime Inspection.
    5. Where can I get my vehicle inspection done?
      You can call or WhatsApp to 017 2444 111 to arrange for your inspection time.
    6. How long is the warranty period?
      1 year or 30,000km
    7. How much can I claim?
      RM10,000 per claim and RM30,000 in total for a year
    8. Do I need to pay anything when making a claim?
      No, you are not required to pay any claimable items including labor when making a claim.
    9. Can I make a claim immediately after I have purchased the warranty?
      No, you cannot. You can only claim after 14 days from the start date of the warranty
    10. What if the repair cost more than RM10,000?
      If the repair cost more than RM10,000, you will have to pay the difference amount.
    11. Where can I service or repair my lorry/van/pickup?
      You can service or repair in any one of MyOpal authorised panel workshops. Please visit for the list of authorised panel workshops where you can go for your service and repair. Or you can also call or WhatsApp to 017 2444 111
    12. Does the program cover towing?
      No. You will have to call your motor insurance provider for towing services
    13. Can I get the towing company to tow to MyOpal panel workshops?
      Yes, you can.
    14. How long does it take to make a claim and repair?
      It depends on the damage or fault of your vehicle and subject to approval. Our standard approval time is 3 working days.
    15. Can I buy this warranty program for each of my vehicle?
      Yes, you may purchase the warranty program for each of your vehicle separately
    16. How do I register for this warranty program?
      You can register online (I will give an updated direct link soon as the template is ready).
    17. Do I get any document or policy after I register for my warranty?
      Upon successful completion of your registration, you will receive a Warranty Registration card. You MUST bring this card for your service and repair in any one of MyOpal authorised panel workshops
    18. Where can I get more information about the warranty coverage?
      You can visit and download the e Brochure for more information
    19. How much do I need to pay for this warranty program?
      Please refer The Lorry personnel for the warranty premium and payment details
    20. Do I need to book an appointment for my vehicle service and repair?
      Yes, you need to book an appointment.
    21. Where and how can I book an appointment for my service or repair?
      You can do so at or WhatsApp us at 017 2444 111 and we will assist you to make that appointment to avoid any delays
    22. Can I call the workshop directly and make an appointment?
      We strongly encourage you to book online or call MyOpal for booking of your service or repair appointment.
    23. What documents do I need to submit when doing a service or making a claim?
      You only need to bring along your Warranty Card and show it to one of MyOpal authorised panel workshops for your service and claim
    24. Can I service or repair my vehicle at my own preferred or my friend’s workshop?
      No. You MUST service or repair your vehicle only at MyOpal authorised panel workshops for The Lorry
    25. Can I renew my warranty after one year?
      Yes, you can renew but is subject to inspection and as long as it doesn’t exceed 8 years or 250,000km mileage