Kami sedang memindahkan semua Temujanji Tempahan ke aplikasi mudah alih Jom MyServis yang BARU untuk melayani anda dengan lebih baik.
Pengalaman yang lancar bagi pemilik untuk menjaga kenderaan mereka dengan mudah dan bebas dari kebimbangan.
Lawati laman web Jom MyServis yang BARU sekarang!

today I’ve sent my car for first service at MyOpal authorised service center at Wan Henz Bandar Baru Bangi. Really impressed with their service level and reliable to assist to any problem

Mr. Anas Ramadhan

Booked my servis appointment via MyOpal online service portal Jom MyServis and did my car service, tyre alignment, replace brake fluid and check air cond. Service done very well and smooth

En. Supyan Hussin

I am very satisfied with aftersales service, the customer service officer was kind and efficient. The car delivery on time after the service, thanks Myopal

Mr. Choong

Good job done from the panel workshop and happy with the service!

Mr Law Ming Tiong

First time visit to MyOpal panel workshop and I was happy with the service provided.

En. Kamarizal

Happy with the service provided by the workshop, very friendly and I had brought another car of mine to service with CK Car.


Booked my appointment again at Jom MyServis. Its my second time visit to workshop
BMenz Supreme PJ, first time was checking on the suspension noise problem solved.
So far so good.

Ms. Siti Soleha

Done my first service and also request workshop GoCar by TC Euro Cars to check on the weird noise, after
check found out its steering rack and workshop replaced it under MyOpal Prime warranty coverage. Satisfied
with the services.

En. Ali Muhamad

Good service overall from MyOpal and the workshop panel TopSpeed Automobile JB

Mr. Tee

“Good job from the workshop. Did my gearbox claim
under MyOpal Prime Warranty. They explain to me what
happened and what they do to replace gearbox. Kept me
updated all the time. Overall, very happy with the

Muhammad Arif